Dilly's Chocolates

12 chocolate Indulgence box


Dilly's Pure Indulgence selection box combines wonderful taste and texture across the six delicious flavours. Each of the twelve ganache enrobed chocolates is uniquely hand decorated in a style to compliment the wonderful tastes within.

Raspberry & Rose

Our popular raspberry flavoured milk chocolate ganache, with delicate hints of rose – enrobed in smooth milk chocolate.

Gin & Lemon

The prefect combination- a zesty blend of lemon and white chocolate ganache with a splash of gin – enrobed in smooth milk chocolate.

Honey & Almond

The sweet and smooth base features a strong honey flavour with hints of orange, which combines the special crunchy texture of bresilienne almonds - enrobed in milk chocolate.

Dark & Frutti

A double layered chocolate with a wonderfully fruity Orange Jel top to compliment a deeply rich dark chocolate ganache base - enrobed in delicious dark chocolate.

Honey & Saffron

Delicate hints of saffron and honey are fused together in this milk chocolate ganache - enrobed in dark chocolate.

Whiskey & Vanilla

A dash of whiskey and a hint of vanilla blends perfectly to bring out the flavours of this dark chocolate ganache – enrobed in rich dark chocolate.

Product information


Chocolate:  Whole milk powder, emulsifier: soyalecithin, natural vanilla flavoring.

Milk Chocolate contains Cocoa Solids 33.6% minimum, Milk Solids 36.2% minimum. Dark Chocolate contains Cocoa Solids 70.5% minimum, Milk Solids 39% minimum. White Chocolate contains Cocoa Solids 28% minimum, Milk Solids 22 % minimum.

Decoration: AZO Free – May contain Fat based Cocoa Butter E100, E120, E132, E171, E172. Colour powder with mica, titanium dioxide carrier E555 56-76%; Colour E171 24-44%.


Raspberry & Rose: milk chocolate, cream (from milk), glucose, butter (from milk), raspberry flavouring (0.03%), rose water (0.1%). Gin & Lemon: white chocolate, cream (from milk), glucose, butter (from milk). Gin (5.50%), glucose, lemon flavouring (0.03%).  Honey & Almond: Honey (47%), cream (from milk), almonds (15.70%), candied orange peel (7.84%), glucose syrup. Frutti & Dark: dark chocolate couverture (33%), raspberry fruit puree (19.4%), sugar, cream (from milk), butter (from milk), glucose, invert sugar, tartaric acid, pectin. Honey & Saffron:  milk chocolate couverture, cream (from milk), honey (5.80%), butter (from milk), saffron (0.07%). Whiskey & Vanilla: dark chocolate couverture, cream (from milk), whiskey (6.85%), butter (from milk), vanilla paste (1.37%).


For Allergens – see ingredients in bold

Not suitable for Nut, Peanut, Milk, Sulphites sufferers, due to ingredients and manufacturing methods. Gluten free.